Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dir. Ron Howard

Willow, yet another movie that people seem to either love or hate.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It reminded me of a lot of other movies that I really liked, yet was a little creeped out by as a child (ie. Neverending Story).  The story was cute, and almost seemed to tackle issues midgets have in the real world in a very cute and fantastical way (although, they were made to look even smaller than midgets to project the point).  It was a really uplifting story, though.  I kind of wish this type of movie was still being made.  By that, I mean movies with these fantasy creatures that almost seem to just spill out of a child's imagination or a story book or even a combination of both.  I think the closest to this that we've come was Were The Wild Things are (which I loved), and even that was nearly under a chopping block in post.  What a shame.
Run Time 126 min + 3878 = 4004

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