Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lovely Bones

Lovely Bones
Dir. Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson flexing his versatility always impresses me.  I went into this movie knowing that it was going to be well written (since it was based on a best selling book), and that it would have some dreamy special effects (just because you can't have a Jackson movie without effects, and the trailer kinda gave the look away).

There's something very special about the way Peter Jackson films the imagination of children (mostly girls).  For example, in Heavenly Creatures, when the girls are frolicking in the yard of their third world, it looks amazingly beautiful, but you just get this feeling that something is off.  He brings that into Susie's limbo world.  It could be a wonderful place, but instead there's this purple fog that seems to cloud it in most shots.    His music choices follow suit (granted, they're probably not his personal choice, but a music guy in post).  There is just an eerie sense that he is great at creating on screen, that was perfect for this movie.

Typically, I'd say this wouldn't be my first choice of books for Peter Jackson to adapt, but he did it really well.  Only thing I'd change would probably be recasting Wahlberg's part.

136 min + 3742 = 3878

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