Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Dir. Shane Black

I really liked this movie.  and yes, I ended up with two very different Val Kilmer movies back-to-back.  That actually was an accident.

This movie was a very clever idea.  A good mix of action, guy-finds-girl-that-got-away, detective, and funny accidents storylines all in a little over an hour and a half.  So, the pacing was fantastic.  Never a dull moment, and a little something for everyone.

This was also a movie was headlined with an amazing cast that really just made the whole thing work.  Robert Downy Jr. does such an awesome slightly confused, but smoothly rolling with it kinda guy.  Val Kilmer makes an amazing snappy gay(?) guy.

So, put together a good script, an amazing cast, and shoot it decently in a semi-noir style, and you've got  yourself a very entertaining movie.  There are few movies that I'll watch over and over, but this one will definitely be revisited soon.

Run Time 103 + 4004 = 4107

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  1. Me and my friends still quote Val Kilmer and RDJ from this movie.
    I'm also excited Shane Black is getting to do the 3rd Iron Man! I hope some of his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang humor translates over.