Friday, May 20, 2011

The Carter

The Carter
Dir. Adam Bhala Lough
It's said by many that Lil' Wayne is one of the greatest rappers alive currently.   And this movie kind of just follows him around as he records and sells millions of records.  The man himself is shown as both the crazy drunk/crunk, the inspiring yet neglectful father, and the talented rhyme-spitter.  I really didn't know much about him before the movie, and I don't really listen to much rap what-so-ever.   But the documentary was pretty interesting and even comical at times.  Such a random find, but extremely watchable.



Dir. James Gun

I'm not sure Kyle and I have ever really left the movie theater with such polar opposite views on a movie before this one.  As we walked out of the theater there was the typical "So, what'd you think"?  And he just laughed and said, "I loved it!"

Going into this movie it looked like it was going to be a fun, gritty, real take on the average super hero movie.  The trailers flashed funny images of Rainn Wilsonand Ellen Page trying to make up their own super heros.  The trouble though, is that this movie is anything but light hearted, nor is a laugh a minute.  I don't base my decisions to like or not like a movie on it's trailer though.  

The issues I had with this movie were the things it seemed to blow right past.  The three rape (or near rape) scenes, killing kids, drug use...  This movie is way darker than it tries to let on.  The scenes are too bright and pretty, almost as if it were being glossed over to put the audience at ease with these images.  I was horrified.  Don't get me wrong, these things happen in a lot of movies, even movies that I do enjoy.  But the issue is in the portrayal.  These things are not funny when they're put into a realism setting like this movie. 

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend this film, but don't take my word for it.  As I said before, Kyle loved it.  To each their own.

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Mystery Team

Mystery Team
Dir. Dan Eckman

I've been a Derek Comedy fan for a long time now.  So, it came as no surprise that when I found this streaming on Netflix, I had to hit it up same day.  Up until then, I was unaware that they had made a feature, but with their cast members since finding some major work, it only seemed right for the smaller online comedy shorts group to go big.

This movie is really for those people that enjoy comedy that never gets serious.  It's for the adults out there that can still laugh at fart and pee jokes.

Here's a video from Derek Comedy's earlier stuff.  If you enjoy this, then definitely catch Mystery Team.

"Fuck! Yeah, that's right. I've been saying "fuck". Going in the backyard and trying it out."
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Indiana Jones Double Feature

Temple of Doom
The Last Crusade
Dir. Steven Spielberg

I had hit up Raiders of the Lost Ark a couple months ago, not for this project, but just to see and of course, loved it.  I don't know how much it had to do withHarrison Ford just after Star Wars with that kind of freshness, or it was that Spielberg blockbusters never cease to impress me.  Either way, all of the Indiana Jones movies were really fun.

To me, since I had never seen any of them before, it was like realizing your best friend has some kind of super power that they had just failed to mention.  The dvds were always on the shelf, but I never really ever thought to put them in the player.  Bad analogy, but you know what I mean.  Pretty nice find.  

So, to the movies themselves.  If you haven't seen the last two films because the first one just wasn't quite doing it for you, DEFINITELY see the second one.  And yes, for anyone out there that was wondering, Temple of Doom is my fav.  Why? You ask?  Short Round.  The kid provides just the right amount of comedy to the adventure mix to really keep me entertained.  Sadly enough, he just kind of magically appears in the second movie, and then just disappears in the third.  And oddly, it's never really even talked about in the second movie.  

I guess that left me kind of wondering about the timeline of Indiana Jones.  Do the movies happen in order?  If you go by the dates at the beginning of the movies, they're chronological.  But I guess to me for some reason, Dr. Jones seems more mature and a little more settled down in the second one.  I guess it doesn't really make any difference, but just food for thought.

"I keep telling you, you listen to me more, you live longer!"

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A Spurlock Double Feature

Greatest Movie Ever Sold
and Super Size Me
Dir. Morgan Spurlock

In concept, Best Movie Ever Sold is genius.  Make a movie about product placement funded entirely by products.  The only trouble becomes the honesty that's lost, but at the same time, that's the point.  It just felt like there was somethign lost in the loop that the filmmaker was aiming to prove.  But over-all it seemed that the point was balance.  Money is always good for a film, but sometimes your movie will be compromised by it. 
Otherwise, this movie was much more comical and light-hearted than Super Size Me.  Although, the subject matter was a little less life changing.  In Super Size Me, he actually put his life at risk through the extreme diet that some really actually partake in regularly.  So, I guess I'd say that Super Size me was more effective in it's delivery, but really it was taking a much more one sided approach to a topic.
But in both films, I really enjoyed the ironic humor that he brings to the table.  So, if your film diet is in need of some documentaries, but don't want to lose the entertainment value, check out Best Movie Ever Sold.

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Dir. Jean-Luc Godard
I won't lie, I find this an amazing movie even just based around their portrayal of the American woman.  She's quite the siren.  She'll drag you in and seduce you, but she is never to be trusted.  Although, she is a bit hasty.  

This movie is stunning in black and while.  The contrast really makes the movie.  But, don't let the starkness of the black and white fool you, most characters will dance in that grey area of morals.  

Anyway, I think this should be on everyone's list of movies to see.  I borrowed it from Mr. Gasser, but it's now streaming also on hulu plus with a membership (or hit up the free month through your xbox).  

"It's sad to fall asleep. It separates people. Even when you're sleeping together, you're all alone."

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Friday, April 29, 2011

All The Real Girls

All The Real Girls
Dir. David Gordon Green

This movie was lent to me by Mr. Gasser along with Breathless and Man Bites Dog.  Appreciate the help to my goal, man!

I really liked this movie.  I'm not sure what did it for me, really, but as a whole, I enjoyed the view.  The characters were pretty fleshed out and it was definitely an interestingly diverse cast ranging from Deschanel to McBride.  But they all seemed to work together.  It was a pretty believable ecosystem.

As strange as some of the serious moments could have been (ie. the heart to heart with Paul's mother about why she has to be a clown), this movie remained down to earth and watchable.  And over-all you could feel like filmmaker make you pull for a happy ending without realizing how wrapped up in the movie you were getting.

A really good movie though.  Would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes fractured love stories or buildingsroman type storylines.

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