Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What would you do if YOU could access 100% of Bradley Cooper's brain?

Dir. Neil Burger

Spoiler Free

This post is more of a "I can't believe you've seen this already".  Which is pretty exciting, I must say.  So, this is my second pre-screening of a movie before it's released.  The first was Take Me Home Tonight.  Anway, if you live in any larger city, you really should jump on the band wagon with these free screenings in your area.  Cause the only thing cooler than seeing a movie before it comes out to brag to your friends about it is doing it for FREE!

I'm happy to report that this movie brought a lot more to the table than what I thought it would.  Bradley Cooper was fantastic.  I know it was a pretty boy typecast, but I really feel like he was good for the part.   Plus, if you have a crush on him, which I'm sure you all do (his eyes are a little too close together for my liking), then you will be a Limitless fan for live.  As always, Robert DeNiro packed a small. but effective punch.

The effects that they used in this movie were fun as well.  They did a very interesting digital zoom through (I believe) multiple cameras that I'll be excited to see dissected on youtube within a week or two.  There were quite a few times when a character would multiply, which again was interesting.  Not necessary, but fun camera trick.  And there was a very cool jagged camera dolly or something going on in a bedroom scene.  Anyway, my movie magic geeking out and over analyzing definitely was uncontrollable trying to figure out exactly how things were happening during some portions of the movie.

In the long run though, I feel like this was a well put together script (based on a book), and was a pretty strong movie.  I would say I was pleasantly surprised, and wouldn't have minded paying admission.  I'd recommend going to the movies to check this one out.

Run time 105 min + 2545 = 2650 minutes so far (that's almost 2 days of straight movie watching in the past month)


  1. Advanced screenings. Look at you.

    This sounds a lot like Dark Fields. I imagine that is the book this movie is based on? Quick Google check...yes, it is. I hope the movie is good, I sorta scrapped it the moment Bradley Cooper was cast. Casting usually reveals a lot about the intentions of the filmmakers.

  2. True. Although, I have been surprised lately how much that occurs in the opposite though too. A lot of good actors have taken terrible rolls lately, and there are some randoms in some good ones. This was definitely a Bradley Cooper roll, don't get me wrong. But he plays it well I think. No method acting required.

    And yes, advanced screenings last week, and movie Premiers this week ;) This blog is about to get a little more exciting, I hope!