Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Blind Side

The Blind Side
Dir. John Lee Hancock

Yes, I know.  I can't believe I hadn't seen it either, after all the hype and press about Bullock's performance.  Plus, my mom was in love with this movie.  She rarely buys movies on DVD, but she went out and bought this one.  Basically though, I went into this movie expecting a Lifetime, made for the big screen kinda movie.  Everyone seemed to either dog on the film or love it.  There were very few tweeners.  But, I think I fell into the grey area.

I'm not a football fan, and I typically do not like football movies.  I also, typically avoid them just about as much as I avoid war movies.  But, again, it was on TV, and the remote was too far away.  So, there I sat.  The thing was, there were a couple reasons I continued watching.  First, yes, Sandra Bullock was a very good southerner.  I bought into it, and I think she deserved that oscar.  If not just for that performance, another one.  I think she's pretty under appreciated (granted, not so much now that she has the oscar, but before this movie).

The other reason was the little boy.  The screenwriter did some really good writing setting him as comedic relief for the movie.  Otherwise, yes, I'd say it should have gone straight into the Lifetime lineup.  But, he broke up the seriousness of the movie, and actually had me entertained with the movie.  A very cute little kid actor.

129 minutes + 3613 = 3742

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