Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Playtime!

Dir. Jacques Tati

So, this film was pretty much an accurate telling of a small town man lost in a high-tech, tourist-ridden concrete (and glass) jungle.  It kind of reminded me a little of some people I've seen wandering around in Apple stores.  It was a little on the long winded side, but it seemed to have been Mr. Magoo (the cartoon was out 3 years before this movie, and the main character seemed pretty inspired by it) goes to France, so, it stayed fairly entertaining and light hearted.

The film is pretty one of a kind though, and it does bring some new things to the table along the way, if you'll give it the time for a fully invested view.  It did seem to be an experimental piece in composure and choreography at times.  And at these times, I started to worry about whether we'd ever stray back to the main characters and their storylines, but in the long run it was an over-all decent watch.   Anyway, it's another Criterion Collection movie on Hulu Plus, if you're interested.  Just have a couple hours free.

Run time 124 + 2106 = 2230 minutes invested.

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