Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Le Ballon Rouge

The Red Balloon
Dir. Albert Lamorisse

This was a cute little movie about a boy who's seemingly drab grey days become alive when he finds a balloon that has a mind of it's own.  The film is pretty simple in story-line, but extremely watchable.  It makes you wonder what the little boy's life would have been like without the balloon.  He doesn't seem to have many friends, but quite a few bullies that want to take away the little bit of fun this kid has.  It gives you a good look into the vantage point of a child, much like Where the Wild Things Are.  So, there will be a suspense of reality, but it never seems like too much of a stretch.  And I loved the finale.

Again, for those of you not extremely into the whole foreign flick thing, there is barely any dialogue in this movie, and little to no politics.  If you've been a child, which I hope you have (I like to think my readers are not robots), I feel like you'll be touched by this little story.  Plus, it's very short, a mere 34 minutes.  I think it would be a nice gateway movie for some into more French movies.  It's on Hulu Plus currently, so check it out!

Run Time 34 min + 2072 previewed = 2106

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